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As President Donald Trump ramps up the trade wars and retaliatory measures spread, investors are entering an unknown landscape – and no one knows what the US will do next. Yet given that trade makes up more than one-third of global GDP, it’s critical to assess what we do and don’t know about how the status quo could change.
US Investment Strategist Mona Mahajan takes a closer look at the three factors likely to shape the US economy through the rest of 2018: trade tensions, midterm elections and the Fed’s road to normalization. Read what she also thinks may help power client portfolios.
A Grassroots® Research study shows that more than 80% of IT decision makers in the US plan to spend more on information tech this year, thanks in large part to recent tax reform. Almost three-quarters said their organisations have at least one or more artificial intelligence-related projects in progress.
Thanks to central banks’ coordinated efforts, the global economy has not only recovered from the financial crisis, but enjoyed a good run of solid growth and low inflation. Take a closer look at this “Goldilocks moment” for insights into the cast of characters at play – and the surprises that may be in store.
Today’s high-tech innovations have not only failed to lift official productivity measurements, but they could be less likely to boost overall equity returns than many people think. Our research shows that investors may need to be very selective and active to capitalize on the technology boom.
The prolonged low-interest-rate environment is forcing institutional investors to come up with new strategies to reach their target returns. One way they can do so is by broadening their traditional portfolio allocations to include alternative investments offering higher riskadjusted returns, better diversification, and lower market sensitivity. However, this does involve some specific challenges.
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