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Investment Themes and Strategy
A Grassroots® Research study shows that more than 80% of IT decision makers in the US plan to spend more on information tech this year, thanks in large part to recent tax reform. Almost three-quarters said their organisations have at least one or more artificial intelligence-related projects in progress.
Investment Themes and Strategy
In May 2018, a number of China’s A-shares will become part of MSCI’s flagship emerging-market index for the first time, and we believe investor interest is likely to grow. But in many ways, this market is as misunderstood as it is underrepresented in portfolios, so here are 10 things investors should know.
Investment Themes and Strategy
Official productivity measurements have been falling for decades – a puzzling development given the rapid pace of high-tech innovations. But rather than functioning as productivity-enhancers, many of these innovations disrupt economies and markets. This could have major implications for jobs and productivity, and trigger unforeseen amounts of social and political change.
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