The dawn of a new era

The dawn of a new era


Artificial Intelligence is developing by leaps and bounds at present, covering every aspect of our daily lives even at this stage. Allianz Global Artificial Intelligence provides a platform for investors to take part in this growth.

The self-driving car brings us quickly, safely and efficiently to the office, we can monitor our smart home remotely and our fridge uses digital technology to tell us what food items are missing. These are just three scenarios depicting how Artificial Intelligence will be part of our everyday lives.

We are already using the forerunners of this "vision of the future" as a matter of course. It is primarily smartphones, cloud computing and the associated leap in computing power and storage capacities that are boosting this evolution. Forecasts suggest that automation and technologies of this type will be a routine part of our daily lives as early as 2025 and that the Artificial Intelligence segment will be about 57 times bigger than in 2016.

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to become an engine of growth and innovation in many areas of our lives. AI could enable work processes to be designed more leanly and more efficiently; it could assist in the early detection of illnesses; and generally have a positive impact on all those aspects of our lives where we are normally at risk of human error.

Allianz Global Artificial Intelligence is Allianz Global Investors' first fund to provide investors with access to the potential of Artificial Intelligence. While the fund invests in all aspects of this very wide-ranging topic, it does focus on those companies pursuing resilient and sustainable business models.

Investing involves risk. The value of an investment and the income from it may fall as well as rise and investors might not get back the full amount invested. Allianz Global Artificial Intelligence is a sub-fund of Allianz Global Investors Fund SICAV, an open-ended investment company with variable share capital organised under the laws of Luxembourg. The value of the shares which belong to the Share Classes of the Sub-Fund that are denominated in the base currency may be subject to an increased volatility. The volatility of other Share Classes may be different. The volatility of other Share Classes may be different. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. If the currency in which the past performance is displayed differs from the currency of the country in which the investor resides, then the investor should be aware that due to the exchange rate fluctuations the performance shown may be higher or lower if converted into the investor’s local currency.

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